The 5 Best Glen Gas Stove Review

You will find the best 5 Glen Gas Stove Review in this article. Indians love to hold on to their past. Reinventing and redefining the past is what makes India such a wonderfully complex culture. India offers the best blend of old and new, and India loves to eat. This is something that becomes extremely evident when we step into an Indian kitchen. No matter where in India, you go, you are sure to find a gas stove in an Indian kitchen. The Indian culinary experience is incomplete without the gas stove.

Different types of gas stoves can be seen in Indian kitchens, ranging from the simple, cheap, and two-burner stove to ornately designed, state-of-the-art gas stoves. Gas stoves are so popular in India because these are easy to use and have a very long life. Besides, Indians love to get hands-on for every job, and cooking on a gas stove lets one control the flame, the intensity of the heat, the time is taken to cook and all such factors. Gas stoves add a personal touch to cooking that other cooking appliances like microwave ovens, Induction ovens and others simply cannot.

Best Glen Gas Stove Review in India

These days, gas stoves are available in various different sizes, shapes, designs and specifications. Some gas stoves are also custom-designed on demand. Glen caters to a wide range of customers and brings to you its highly curated collection of gas stoves that are available both on shopping portals like Amazon, as well as Glen’s own website. Here is a list of Glen Gas Stoves that its customers love the most:

1) Glen Gl Sd Gt 3 Burner Glass Cooktop

The Glen Gl Sd Gt 3 burner, glass cooktop is the perfect combination of practicality and aesthetic sensibility. It is extremely efficient at its job and at the same time, is supremely elegant, without going overboard. It is a fairly large cooktop for ease of access. It comes with a beautiful 6mm, toughened glass top which is very easy to wipe clean and is additionally scratch-resistant. The burners are made of a pressure casted aluminium alloy which lasts much longer than other burners and has a special angle for the holes, which provide increased thermal efficiency. The burners are equipped with 4mm strong pan supports which are sturdy enough to support the biggest utensils. Apart from all the practicality, this state-of-the-art gas stove is a refined piece of appliance. It cooks food efficiently and looks good doing it. Its ergonomically designed knobs, the wide glass on top and the matte stainless steel body livens up your kitchen like no other stove even could. This particular gas stove is a beautiful and aesthetic product which does not compromise on quality or efficiency. It saves energy and helps you cook with ease. It comes with one big burner, one small burner and one high-flame burner to take care of all your cooking needs.


  • It comes with 3 burners which help in reducing the cooking time, which can be crucial in today’s world.
  • Its glass cooktop looks rather nice and is also easy to clean and scratch-proof.
  • The Aluminium Alloy burners are stronger than other burners and also last longer.
  • The holes in the burners are angled in a way to increase heating efficiency.
  • It comes with one high-flame, one big and one small burner.



  • There are issues with flame regulation. It cannot be regulated evenly.     

2) Glen 1021 GT Forger Burner

If you are looking to move up from your conventional gas stove, the 1021 GT is the perfect product for you. It is an ISI certified stove that comes with two burners. One of the burners is for the high flame, while the other is a small burner. It is larger than the usual two-burner gas stoves and that helps it accommodate rather large utensils with relative ease.It is also equipped with a 360degree revolving gas inlet nozzle. This means that no matter what the shape of your kitchen, you will not have any difficulty in adjusting your LPG cylinder and the gas stove. The gas burners come with four-spoke, wide pan supports, which hold together large utensils and help you cook without fear of spillage. The burners are made of a beautiful brass alloy which not only look good, but also have a very long life. Glen also offers a two-year warranty on the gas burner. It adds a nifty touch with its stainless steel drip plates which keep your kitchen slab or counter clean and do not let anything spill on it. Along with being extremely practical and sturdy, the 1021 GT does not miss out on the design front. The toughened glass top, the stainless steel body finished in matte, and the designer knobs all add a touch of premium-ness to this stove.


  • The 1021 GT comes with a 2-year warranty from Glen.
  • The stove comes with ISI certification.
  • This stove has a high flame burner and a small burner.
  • It comes with a very convenient 360-degree revolving nozzle.
  • It has a toughened glass top which is scratch resistant.
  • The glass top makes it very easy to clean the gas stove.


  • Flame regulation on the bigger burner is difficult.

3) Glen 1048 SQ Black Glass Cooktop

If you have a large family to feed and a modern kitchen, the Glen 1048 SQ is the perfect gas stove for you. With its beautiful 8mm thick toughened glass atop a black powder-coated body, the 1048 SQ is a rather good looking cooktop. Add to that its 4 burners and you have a winning combination. There is one large burner, two small burners and one high flame burner to take care of all your cooking needs. The large area, the enamelled pan support and the stainless steel drip make sure that you can use multiple large utensils without any worry of inconvenience or spillage. To make things easier, this cooktop comes with multi-spark automatic ignition, which eliminates the need for lighters or matchsticks and makes your kitchen safer. The cooktop comes with a 2-year warranty while the forged brass alloy burners have a warranty of 5 years. The 8mm thick glass top makes sure that your stove is extremely easy to clean. It is scratch-resistant and does not let dirt and stains stick to it. This stove makes cooking for a large family rather easy. Additionally, this also promises to make your kitchen that bit extra stylish.


  • It has four burners in total; two small burners, one large burner and one for high flames.
  • It comes with a multi-spark automatic ignition system, which means that one does not need a matchstick or a lighter to light it up.
  • The cooktop comes with a warranty of 2 years while the warranty extends up to 5 years on the burners.
  • The burners are made of high-quality forged brass alloy which make them attractive and very durable.


  • Controlling the flame on the high flame burner can get a bit difficult.

4) Glen 1020 LPG Gas Stove

The GLen 1020 LPG stove is a rather basic but extremely practical gas stove for the house of Glen. This two-burner stove has no-frills but is certified by ISI and gets its job done better than most other gas stoves in its class. Glen 1020 comes with two burners, one small and the other large. The burners are made of brass and are extremely long-lasting. These burners offer a fuel efficiency like no other and are rather easy to clean and maintain. This burner has ergonomically designed turning knobs which feel solid in the hand and are precise when it comes to controlling the flame. It also comes with a high-quality stainless steel body, finished in matte, which is resistant to scratches and is a very durable product. The four-spoke pan supports provide proper weight distribution and can accommodate large containers and utensils with relative ease. If you are looking for a simple gas stove which is cheap, is going to last you for years to come, is extremely dependable and is going to last you for years to come, then no product can suit your kitchen better than the Glen 1020 LPG Gas Stove. It is probably the best product that one can get at this particular price point.


  • The GLen 1020 is certified by ISI which leaves little doubt about its quality.
  • The two brass burners, one large and the other small, are extremely fuel-efficient and long-lasting.
  • The matte finish, stainless steel body is scratch-proof and lasts for a very long time.
  • The pan supports have four spokes and offer great weight distribution.
  • The cooktop is rather large and can accommodate large utensils with relative ease.


  • The stove is rather basic and looks shabby and cheap.

5) Glen Four Burner Built-in Glass Hob 1065 TR

The Glen 1065 TR is the queen bee of gas stoves. It is loaded with the best quality technology and fits right inside a high-end designer kitchen. It comes with four burners of which, one is a  triple ring burner which aids in fast cooking. The others are semi-rapid auxiliary burners. This stove additionally has a toughened glass top which is scratch-proof, stain-resistant and can withstand high levels of heat. The cast-iron pans support automatic ignition. This means you will never have to use a matchstick or a lighter to light up the gas stove. It also comes equipped with European sealed burners for slow cooking. The cooktop is large and can fit four big utensils with ease. It has Italian Gas valves which offer high precision to eliminate gas leakage and to ensure optimum flame control. The pans are 4mm thick and can carry the heaviest utensils you have. Additionally, the stainless steel drip tray prevents any spillage on to your modern designer kitchen top. The 1065 TR is a piece of art which checks off all boxed, right from practicality to elegance and sheer beauty. It also gets smart bakelite knobs which provide a firm and sure grip and look like they fit right inside a professional chef’s kitchen.


  • It comes with automatic ignition and does not require matchsticks or lighters.
  • It has Italian gas valves which ensure zero gas leakage and supreme flame control.
  • It has four burners with each of them having a speciality.
  • It has a large glass cooktop which is resistant to stains, scratches and high heat.
  • It can fit four large utensils all at once.
  • It also comes with 4mm thick pans.


  • It can be dangerous when kids are around because they can ignite the burners.

Buying Guide for Glen Gas Stoves

Gas stoves have come a long way from being basic necessities to being luxury designer items. There are hundreds of companies building so many different types of gas stoves. It can get really difficult having to figure out which gas stove you want to buy. There are so many features that gas stoves today get. If you are looking to buy a new gas stove for your kitchen, there are certain things that you would want to consider before choosing one. Gas stoves usually have a life of at least five years, and therefore are a big investment. Needless to say those are also an integral part of your lives. Here are a few things that you should definitely consider when you are looking to buy a new gas stove.

  • The most important factor is definitely the There are different gas stoves at different price levels. It is crucial to set a budget.
  • Another very important fact is the number of burners you need. If you have a large family, a two-burner stove will not be enough for you.
  • It is very important to buy a gas stove from a company you trust. There are a lot of companies which do not provide great quality items.
  • It is also rather important to check out the fuel efficiency of the gas stove since that is the primary and probably only cost centre in a gas stove’s life.
  • The Size of the stove is something you need to keep in mind. You would not want to have a large gas stove in a tiny kitchen.
  • Something you need to check is the warranty of the product and the guarantees provided by the company.


 It is clearly not an easy job, choosing a gas stove to buy, in the 21st century. There are so many types of stoves and so many factors to be kept in mind that it can get extremely confusing. The key factor is to understand your needs and requirements. Only buy a product that fits your needs. A lot of gas stoves offer features that might not be of any use to you. Go for the product that you think goes with your kitchen perfectly. It is not an easy decision to make, but with so many options available, you can always find something which will be exactly perfect for you.  Go through the points mentioned above, and the products from Glen, take your time and choose the product that best suits you. What are you waiting for? Buy your dream gas stove today. Order up now.