Vidiem Gas Stove Review – Worth the Price?

Cooking is not only a daily chore but also a hobby for a lot of us. And obviously we want the best materials for enjoying our cooking experience. Thus, reputed cooktops and ovens play a major role in making us feel good while cooking. Gas stoves have come a long way since the simple burners. Nowadays there are so many different types of gas stoves. Gas stoves have revolutionised cooking in the modern world. However, these days there are tons of alternatives to the humble gas stove.

There are microwave ovens, induction ovens, OTGs and so many other appliances. In spite of all these, the majority of the people still love the gas stove because of how simple to operate those are. Those are easy to use let you control the heat and the flames and are much more hands-on than other appliances.

Cooking on a gas stove makes you feel like you are actually there controlling the cooking process. Cooking on a gas stove is the best way to cook, according to many professional chefs and old school home-cooks. Additionally, it is an appliance which can be used by everyone, including people who have never cooked in their lives.

Vidiem Gas Stove Review

There are various styles, specifications, specialities, designs, and price of gas stoves that are available in Vidiem’s website as well as online shopping platforms like amazon.  Here is a list of the series of products of Vidiem that are available along with the product names and features:

1) AIR Series

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The AIR series consists of customer favourite stoves like the Air Plus 3 Burner, the Air Silver 3 Burner, the Air ORO 3 Burner, the Air Pride 3 Burner, the Air Stile Plus 3 Burner, the Air Silver 4 Burner, the Air Stile Plus 4 Burner, the Air Pride 4 Burner, the Air Sky 2 Burner, and the Air Plus 2 Burner.

This content high quality imported gas valves. The gas pipes are of supreme quality too. They mostly have 8 MM toughened glass top sturdy legs and vitreous enamelled pan supports. These have verified by 14.5 PSI Air Pressure Leak Test. Many of these also have heavy gauge brass burners and mixing tubes. This company also makes good cycles.

The glasses have over 5 years of warranty and the product has 2 years of warranty. Servicing by professionals is free lifelong. There are multiple designs with features like auto-ignition, rear inlet burner, active ceramic burner, and so on.


  • Can be used as cooktop as these are the world’s only frameless cooktop aesthetically designed to be used as toughened glass cooktop model.
  • Autoignition is helpful and very convenient.
  • The multiple burners that come in various sizes are also helpful and fit a variety of size and kind of utensils.
  • Brass burners give continuous blue flame for consistent and versatile cooking that is designed for well-spaced cooking surface and to accommodate all shapes and sizes of pots and pans.


  • Not recommended if there are children at your house as the auto-ignition is pretty dangerous.

2) VIVA Series

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The VIVA series consists of world-famous stoves like the Viva SS 3 Burner, the Viva SS 2 Burner, the Viva Sky 3 Burner, the Viva 2 Burner and the Viva 3 Burner. These are the economic and affordable range of aesthetic gas ovens that are readily available for everyone. These are made of stainless steel and heavy-duty high efficient brass.

There are three different sizes of burners available in this. These either have two burners or have three burners. The inlet is in the left side of the stove. The gas cooktop obviously allows us to group multiple dishes simultaneously. The stoves take care of convenience, safety, reliability, and style, and make sure the products are something you will feel proud of owning.

There is elegance, ergonomic manufacturing, sleek designs, safe gas valves and pipes, brass burners and guarantee that the product will be worth the minimum amount you have to pay. These are the best stoves you can get worth this amount of money.


  • The top is completely stainless steel.
  • This model comes with a SS top.
  • These are big enough for large cookwares and the knobs are of excellent quality.


  • You have to invest and work with steel polish or metal surface polisher in order to keep it shiny and sparkling.

3) EDGE Series

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The EDGE series consists of Edge 2 Burner, Edge 3 Burner, Edge Shine 2 Burner, and Edge Shine 3 Burner. These are available in 2 or 3 number of burners. These are glass top stoves known for their sleek and slender design. The toughened glass cooktop is mirror edged and thermally treated.

There is also a heavy gauge stainless steel frame. The durable and effective stainless-steel clad switch knobs not only increase effectiveness and ease in your life but also make your kitchen look aesthetically pleasing and stylish. The burners are spaced widely apart in order to accommodate vessels, pots, and pans of various sizes and shapes.

The removable spill-proof drip trays take care to make sure your kitchen stays clean and healthy. The mixing tubes are hard anodized and the gas flow pipes are electroplated and powder coated for safety and security. The mixing tube is made up of aluminium ADC 12. The dimensions of the products are around 700 mm, 380 mm and 8 mm.



  • There are heavy gauge brass burners, efficient mixing tubes and machined gas valves to take care of security and effectiveness.
  • Autoignition feature is available in these burners which makes them all the more convenient to use.
  • There are small, medium and jumbo-sized burners for all the sizes of cookware.
  • The cooktop is 8 mm toughened glass.
  • The pan supports are vitreous enamelled and coated.


  • The glass is toughened but needs careful usage.

4) VANTAGE Series

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The VANTAGE series consists of two designer stoves, namely the Vantage 2 Burner and the Vantage 3 Burner. This series is popular for the low-cost glass top ovens. There is a well-spaced cooking surface area to accommodate pots and pans of various sizes and shapes.

The removable drip trays come with additional caps that are used to avoid spillage. The burners are made of high-quality brass and the continuous blue flame is emitted for consistent and versatile cooking. it is recommended that you use induction compatible cookware with a flat bottom made of iron and magnetic stainless steel with a bottom diameter of 12 to 20 cm in this as the heating will not be proper otherwise. This stove is not available in the auto-ignition mode.

The burners and the knobs are of supreme quality. These models are available in the colour combination of black and yellow which are extremely stylish, aesthetic, and attractive. This product has five years of the product warranty on the glass top and 2 years warranty on any manufacturing defect of the product.


  • It is the ultimate synergy of style and functionality. there are heavy-duty mixing tube and gas cocks to improve thermal efficiency.
  • There is powder-coated pan support and SS 304 fastener for longevity.
  • The galvanizing iron powder coated front panel and rear leg and extremely convenient and safe.
  • The gas valve and gas pipes are high quality imported materials.
  • The glass is thermally treated and toughened.
  • The pan supports are sturdy.
  • The GI panel and legs are coated with rustproof powder.


  • The gas tubes require intense care or might leak.

5) TIRO Series

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The TIRO series is the cheapest and most affordable lot of stoves possible that include the Vector 2B, Vector Plus 2B, and Vector Plus 3B. The dimensions of this product are 65 cm, 37 cm and 10 cm. This has stove weighs around 7 kgs. The price range of the TIRO series stays between Rs. 4,200 to Rs. 5,900.

However, there are extraordinary discount packages available online that can be availed if you are looking forward to making an online purchase. You can easily get up to 50% discount in all of these products without any backlash and with a complete product guarantee. These models are exceptionally safe, reliable, efficient and ergonomic.

These have heavy-gauge stainless-steel rust-free body. Like most of the products they also have wide-spaced burners to accommodate all kinds of vessels along with removable spill-proof drip trays. The pan supports are powder coated and rustproof as well. These have toughened sturdy legs and vitreous enamelled boan supports.


  • When you purchase any product of Vidiem, lifetime free servicing is offered for the same.
  • The TIRO series stoves have a warranty of 2 years on manufacturing defects.
  • It comes with a cooktop and an instruction manual to get through.
  • There is a vitreous enamel coated for strong pan support.


  • The knob often gets rough with repeated use.

Buying Guide for Vidiem Gas Stoves

Given how rapidly the market for gas stoves have expanded, it can be rather confusing if you are looking to buy a new gas stove today. There are so many different types and designs and so many different things you need to keep in mind when you’re trying to select a stove. A lot of research is involved and a proper understanding of what you actually want and need is crucial when it comes to selecting a good gas stove. Some gas stoves are cheap, while others are intricately designed and look rather posh. Some gas stoves offer supreme levels of utility, while others make your kitchen look good. You need to realise exactly what you want for your kitchen. There are a number of things that you might want to keep in mind when you are out buying a gas stove:

  • The price of the gas stove as it directly implicates which budget group you belong to and which stoves you can afford
  • The number of burners on the stove because you don’t have to buy something you don’t need.
  • The size of the stove matters a lot because it should be on par with your kitchen and slab.
  • The amount of gas the stove requires is also very crucial as we should always try to be environment friendly and thus should avoid over-usage or wastage.
  • Whether the stove requires electricity is something you should check while buying stove because LPG stoves conventionally should not be needing electricity connections.
  • The design of the gas stove is important for matching to our aesthetic requirements.
  • The company you are buying it from is essential because brand name and reputation matter a lot when you are opting for buying something like gas ovens.
  • The durability of a gas stove should be checked by going through company details as well as reviews by customers because we don’t buy these things every day.
  • Warranty and Guarantee.
  • After purchase customer care services are crucial for something as technical as a gas oven.


Gas stoves might seem to be rather simple appliances, but in the world of consumerism, it becomes a proper task trying to figure out which stove suits your kitchen the best. It might be a good idea to go through these points and consider noticing these before you decide to choose a gas stove for your home. So, what are you waiting for? Choose the perfect gas stove for yourself today and order now.